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Core Return Process & Policy





All cores associated with brake shoe and kit sales will be invoiced at the time of the sale and recorded as a “Core Right to Return”.  All core purchases are subject to standard payment terms and conditions.




Core return eligibility resulting from purchases of remanufactured products from Western or Eastern States Friction may qualify for credit when returned within 180 days from date of invoice and meet remanufacturing specifications.




All cores returns are based upon a “like for like” basis.  


Cores returned after 180 days or in excess may result in a positive core bank and then be held for up to 180 days.  Western and Eastern States Friction reserves the right to purchase, transfer or apply on account any positive core bank balances at a mutually agreed upon price.


Individual core units cannot be transferred between core types.  All core returns are invoiced matched prior to being credited at the original billed valued.


All cores are subject to inspection and only those cores deemed acceptable for remanufacturing by Western or Eastern States Friction will be awarded credit.  Any cores that exhibit the following but not limited to will not receive core credit:


Bent or broken webs

Distorted tables, anchor or roller ends

Excessive rust or wear

Elongated or distorted rivet holes

Modified or altered




Cores eligible for return must be sorted palletized and shrink wrapped by the customer.  Core return request forms must display core count by type and reference a pallet number.  Cores will be picked up at time of scheduled deliveries or may be shipped separately and subject to freight charges.


All core values, policies and procedures may change without notice.




Product Liability Statement



The Page Group warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.  The Page Groups liability and Buyers remedy is limited to the determination of a Page Group Warranty Representative and shall not exceed the original purchase price.  This warranty does not apply to products manufactured by others and supplied by the Page Group, nor does it apply to misapplied products or products that have been subject to neglect, alteration or that have been exposed to corrosive and/or foreign material. 


It is the Buyer’s responsibility to give immediate written notice and make available for inspection any defective product, including application and all requested supportive documentation to a Page Group Warranty Representative.  It will be the sole discretion of the Page Group Representative to issue replacement product or reimbursement.   


The Page Group is not responsible for any progressive damage, towing, cargo loss, down time expense or any other additional business cost or losses resulting from Page Group pro